Sweet Corn Pops: Summer on a Stick

1 May

Let it be known that my very favorite ice cream flavor is Sweet Corn (Thank you, Tara’s Organic Ice Cream in Berkeley, CA). And my second favorite is Basil. And my third favorite is Green Tea. Sure, Vanilla’s great and all, but I simply cannot resist those ice cream flavors that take a taste, or a smell, that I adore, and capture it in the creamiest, most evocative way. I am a sucker for virtually any food I love, turned into ice cream.

So, it’s no wonder that I can’t get enough of our Sweet Corn pops, and when I say “can’t get enough,” I mean, that I am eating them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And, sure, dessert.

Amazingly, my business partner Sarah, CAN get enough of the Sweet Corn pops– she loves the idea, and acknowledges that they’re super-tasty, but is much more loyal to Watermelon Mint. She’s also is in the “R & D” phase of developing a new Raspberry White Chocolate flavor (stay tuned), which while it sounds tasty, I can’t imagine could top Sweet Corn. Sweet Corn is my master. It is, as one Art Crawl reveler noted, like Summer on a Stick. (Actually said reveler was referring to our Strawberry Basil flavor, but I take artistic license here).

In any case, enough people have FREAKED OUT about how delicious the Sweet Corn pops are, saying things like “It’s the perfect balance!” and “It comes out of nowhere…I can’t believe how good it is” that we’ve decided it’s a keeper. Coming soon to a farmer’s market near you.

Now for a peek into the process of making them.

The chopping.

The Great Infusion.

The big close-up.

2 Responses to “Sweet Corn Pops: Summer on a Stick”

  1. Bob at 12:00 am #

    Pretty sure that’s not up to health code production.

  2. andimcdaniel at 1:12 am #

    You’re right, Bob! We’re not selling these suckers yet, but when we do, they won’t be made in my kitchen in Longfellow!

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